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Tamaron's Leonidas




"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." -- Josh Billings

Cherry is a typical girl with an "I am too cute to resist " kind of attitude. She has an expressively square head, perfect foreface, perfect square tight bite, dark eyes (black haw's) -compact yet elegant body. Cherry is self-confident with a stable and sound temperament. She comes from one of the best and reputable kennels in Switzerland and Europe as well a champion line to be proud of. We are extremely fortunate and delighted to have her with us, as we waited patiently many years for her.

Cherry stives to please, she makes me laugh, she conforts me when I am sad. She put's everybody in order when they misbehaving. Everywhere I go she is right next to me. She knows what to do before I ask her, she predicts every move before I even make it. She has my heart and my soul. She is my life and my best friend.



Our deepest appreciation to Mrs. Rosine Hofmann for allowing us to have this beautiful girl. It was many-many years ago that I fell in love with her boxers and never stop dreaming of being able to have one. It was a life long dream that came true. Our gratitude extends to Mrs. Claudia form Boxer von Exkalibur and and Mrs Genette (Ravel du Val d’Europe) owner, for their help and kindness. 


Birth Date: 02.20.08


Chelsey v Hofmannstal







Ungaro des Hauts du Bentairou
Catullo dei Principi di Piemonte
Ch. Marcus dei Principi di Piemonte

ATIBOX Ch. David del Colle dell'Infinito


Ch.Teck del Colle dell'Infinito
Ch.Playa del Colle dell'Infinito
Happy dei Principi di Piemonte Picasso della Cadormare
Penelope del Gran Mogol
Asia dei Principi di Piemonte Ch. Magnum di Massumatico Ch David Del Colle Del Infinito
Ch Italy Uja Di Massumatico
Ch. Gilda dei Principi di Piemonte Asso dei Principi di Piemonte
Penelope del Gran Mogol

Ch. Rayka des Hauts du Bentairou


Int Ch. Ch Caruso di Soragana

SchH 1, Selezione, ZTP, AD
Ch. Aaron dei Cavalieri del Monferrato Mirco v. Turmblick
Micol del Colle dell'Infinito
Dhora del Nettuno Ch David Del Colle Del Infinito
Vesta van de Wielsterdijk
Moeli des Hauts du Bentairou Int. Ch. Ch. If des Plaines du Nord Gamin des Plaines du Nord
Elsa des Plaines du Nord
Hiris du Clos Leyrieu Elliot del Rolanus
Engelique du Clos de Leyrieu
Donna z Dybohurky

INT.CH.Ch. Ravel du Val d'Europe


IPO1,AE(AD),APE,ZTP,SELEC3 Ch. Ibsen von der Sembacher Flur Don Carlos du Fief des Iliots
Hummel v. d. Sembacher Flur
Olinda dei Cavalieri del Monferrato Aaron dei Cavalieri del Monferrato
del Colle dell'Infinito
Ch. Tikki van de Boksdoorn MULTI CH Regilio Van De Boksdoorn
Milady Van De Boksdoorn
Matilou de Sullieu Caos dei Cavalieri del Monferrato
In'Edit de Sullieu

Int. Ch. Ch. Chaplin z Dybohurky

AD, BH, Dt. Schweizer ZTP,VPG 1

Int. Ch.Ch. Urban v. Wordanis


Titan de Loermo
Luxe van Wordanis
Quissy z Dybohurky

Ch.Int.Ch.Exkalibur vom Hofmannstal

HD frei, 2a, 2aB, SchH III, IPO III FH I, AD, VDH-Champ.

Onki z Dybohurky
Dorit v. Hofmannstal Quax z Dybohurky

Ch.Int.Ch.Exkalibur vom Hofmannstal

HD frei, 2a, 2aB, SchH III, IPO III FH I, AD, VDH-Champ.

Onki z Dybohurky
Zeia v. Hofmannstal Furio v. Wordanis

ggstr, HD B, 1a, 1aB, SchH III, IPO II
AD Int, L, VDH-Champion
Tessa v. Hofmannstal

HD B, 3a, 2aB, VDH-Champion



***Ch. Excalibur v Hofmannstal - one of the most magnificent boxers we ever saw. Absolute perfection, well balanced, exceptional top line, beautiful eyes (dark double black haw’s) small hocks, perfect forehead. Everything about this dog was stunning. It was our pleasure to follow his career through the Europe in his prime.


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